Fabienne Soulard

Fabienne is an international make-up artist
born in France and now living in Stockholm.

From an early age, she has been fascinated with beauty and playing with colors. She quickly developed a sense for fashion and beauty trends.

At the age of 18, Fabienne moved to Paris to follow a dream to become a make-up artist. She studied make-up artistry at the renowned Christian Chauveau’s Technical School of Artistic Make-up, where she graduated as the top student in her year.

With a career spanning more than 16 years in the beauty industry, Fabienne has worked as a make-up artist for television in France (including national stations France2, M6, Eurosport, L’Equipe TV), for commercial production companies (notably Endemol and AMP Visual TV), as well as working as a make-up consultant for Sephora, coaching and training their in-house beauty advisors. 


Her very extensive experience and expertise has also led Fabienne to be an international consultant for some of the biggest names in the cosmetics world including Nina Ricci and Sisley.

She is currently working with Chanel as part of their International Make-up Artist Team and as an ambassador for Asia market. 

Fabienne’s work has taken her to more than 20 countries, sharing her passion, her skills and know-how with women all around the world.

From these amazing traveling experiences, she has learned to truly understand the desires of women in search of beauty perfection, in their different cultures.

Her total passion and engagement in understanding the fashion and beauty industry, aligned with her expertise, sensitivity and creativity, make Fabienne a stand out beauty expert.